For the second year in a row, I have had the privilege to present at KScope13 which was held at New Orleans, LA. My presentation was That’s Not Where I Want That!  It’s about the frustrations we have all experienced while attempting to improve the layout of our APEX applications. It’s a vast topic – several techniques and disciplines are required to be successful.  I covered a little about what APEX provides out of the box and some CSS as well. Here’s the live link to the actual presentation. You can use the arrow keys to navigate the slides, but I recommend just using the space bar to move “forward”. The embedded APEX application is hosted in apex.oracle.com. It should be valid at least up to APEX 4.2.2, hopefully much longer. Who knows what will happen years from now.



I didn’t use Powerpoint or Keynote. My whole presentation is one single HTML file, with CSS and javascript that can be viewed offline. Pretty cool I think.

I used reveal.js to create the presentation itself. It’s a fantastic javascript presentation framework created by Hakim El Hattab, and incredibly talented individual. However, instead of trying to explain what it is or what it can do, just check out the live demo.
At some point, I switched to using Slid.es – also created by Hakim – to build the actual presentation. It made the whole process painless. Slid.es supports PDF downloads, versions, self contained presentation downloads for offline use, custom CSS, ability to edit the raw HTML, themes, etc… etc…

For the APEX application screens, embedded in the presentation, I simply used an iframe tag.

On some browsers and for some of the pages the height and width were not needed, but having them, made everything more reliable. BTW, you need a modern browser to view the slides (IE8< need not apply).

On Windows, you can use F11 to go full screen.  On the Mac, I used Command-Shift-F  (  F)  to enter full screen mode.  I had no issues during the presentation and only people familiar with Keynote realized I wasn’t actually using it. :)

The People

I can’t just stop without talking about the BEST part of KScope, The People. I’ve met some great people at KScope.  I’ve forged strong friendships; Made new fiends; Learned from the best in the APEX and Oracle community; I have been inspired and motivated by them.

In the days since I got back, I find myself energized with ideas. I think there’s an extra twinkle in my eye and I feel ready to takle new challenges.

To you all the people of KScope and ODTUG, I say thank you!

Hi, I'm Jorge Rimblas. Father, husband, photographer, Oraclenerd, Oracle APEX expert, Oracle ACE, coffee lover, car guy, gadget addict, etc... I'm an APEX Tech Lead DRW. I have worked with Oracle since 1995 and done eBusiness Suite implementations and customizations. Nowadays I specialize almost exclusively in Oracle APEX.

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  1. Excellent presentation Jorge. I’m glad I got to see it.
    I checked out Hakim’s website. Holy cow! He’s got some cool stuff.

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