Hi, I’m Jorge Rimblas. Father, husband, photographer (more about this), Oraclenerd, Oracle ACE, Oracle APEX expert, coffee lover, car guy, gadget addict, etc…

Me with my daughters on father's day

With my daughters

I’m a Senior APEX Consultant with Insum Solutions, a consulting firm specialized in Oracle databases and the APEX development tool. I have worked with Oracle since 1995 and done eBusiness Suite implementations and customizations. Nowadays I specialize almost exclusively in Oracle APEX.
The views expressed here are my own and no one else’s including my employer, Insum Solutions. Of course, I may or may not agree with the comments made on my posts by other people.

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  1. Nilesh Patel says:

    Hi Jorge!!

    My Name is Nilesh and we meet at Kscope16 recently in Chicago. During Open Mic night I asked you about sharing your application for Locking the Record Lock.

    Kindly please send the details if you can.

    I hope you remember.


  2. horses60 says:

    I’m an “aficionado” of your blog.
    I known, there is the Apex forum for this questions, but I think is more efficient your answer…
    It’s easy or difficult to use multitenancy with Apex? Do you can write about this kind of development ?
    Many thanks for your help and for your blog.

    • Thanks for following! ;-)
      It’s an interesting question. APEX itself is multi-tenant and of course you could write multi-tenant apps. The challenge is more on your data model and data control. But, if available, features like RAS (or VPD) can greatly help.

  3. horses60 says:

    “The challenge is more on your data model ”
    unfortunately …is not elementary my dear Watson…
    I find this article for SQL Server: http://www.upsizing.co.uk/Art66_MultiTenantDesign_PrintLayout.htm
    but I don’t know if I can translate the functions in an Oracle architecture.

    • I quick glance tells me you would NOT want to replicate that approach in Oracle, but it’s possible.
      It would depend on your particular situation.
      I recommend you post this question on the forums or even the apex.world slack channel. They are great resources, lots of exposure, and easier to go back and forth with questions.

  4. horses60 says:

    Thank you Jorge,
    I will try with apex.world.
    I already posted in Apex forum, but no answer…

  5. Kala says:

    I have a question regarding passing values from one page to another page in apex based on button click. I have selected Redirect to URL option and it allows me to pass up to 10 item values. I need to send 5 more values to the other page. How can I do this?? I looked around but none seem to work. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I would argue that you rarely need to do something like this (I thinking never actually). Let the page submit. Branch to the new page (passing nothing). The new page can reference ALL the values from the previous page because they are in session state.
      Now, to answer your questions, you can build the URL manually and add the params you need. for example: P1_ITEM1,P1_ITEM2,P1_ITEM3:&VALUE1.,&VALUE2.,&VALUE2.
      Please use APEX forums for follow ups or slack channel found on apex.world.

  6. Saim ahmed says:


    Thanks for your innovative blogs about apex.
    I have a query that I used to apply inline CSS on page load to anything looks on the page and I got so much sucess in it.

    But now, I need to apply inline CSS on a model page and due to not loading the model page just a pop up… my css could not run.

    Kindly help me to run in line CSS on model page.

    Thanks and Regrds,
    Saim Ahmed.

    • You have 3 approaches:
      1) Repeat the CSS on the modal, but that doesn’t scale well.
      2) Place your inline CSS on the Theme Roller’s “Custom CSS” field. This will make it available to ALL pages.
      30 Finally, place your CSS in a file (as a static file, workspace file, or web server file. It doesn’t matter). Go to Shared Components > User Interface Attributes > Edit your user interface. Scroll down and add the reference to your file in the Cascading Style Sheets field.

  7. Leticia says:

    Hola Jorge

    Hoy conocí su blog ye veo que comparte muy buenos tips.
    ¿Es possible añadir condiciones a los estatutos SQL de los reports IR o clasicos dinamicamente?
    En el forms y Reports 6i yo lo hacia y me parecia muy versatile.

    Leticia Campos

  8. Vladimir says:

    Hi Jorge, Try the DA Client-side javascript condition “apex.item (this.triggeringElement) .isChanged ()”
    – for Loose focus / Item / effected element:Triggering element is working fine
    -for Lose focus / Region / effected element: Event Source is not working and condition is always false

    // Any advice how to refer triggering element in condition when effected element is Event Source?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  9. Swaroop says:

    Hello Jorge,

    I don’t think you remember me but we met at KScope 17

    I am basically looking for this

    and coincidentally I found the exact macth, unfortunately there is no link to download this application. Any help from you greatly appreciated.


    Thank you