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Warn on Unsaved Changes for APEX_ITEM

APEX 5.1 introduced native functionality for warning the user when they attempt to navigate away from a page when the page contains unsaved changes. However, this feature doesn’t track items created via the APEX_ITEM API. Which brings me to the

Enhancement to waitPopup on APEX5

APEX 5 has a nifty nice enhancement to the use of apex.widget.waitPopup. It now returns a “remove” function you can call to remove the wait indicator.

The Details I’ve used apex.widget.waitPopup many times. You simply call it like this:

Enhancing the Menu Drawer – Using Preferences

In the previous post I explained my approach to a menu drawer for the desktop. Now lets talk about how to remember if the drawer was left open or closed by the user. One approach would be to use Cookies.


NOTE: In APEX5 you’ll want to switch from APEX_UTIL.PUBLIC_CHECK_AUTHORIZATION to APEX_AUTHORIZATION.IS_AUTHORIZED. Thank you to Dali for the comment. –April, 27 2015 APEX Authorization Schemes are a very effective and simple way to restrict elements in our applications.  Once defined, these

APEX_ERROR use case

When you enter data on a page we often think about APEX Validations when we want to validate our inputs and give errors to the user. (i.e. Value is required. Dates are not within range, etc…) However, sometimes you may not

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