Video: Using apex.server.process for AJAX calls in APEX

Video: Using apex.server.process for AJAX calls in APEX

If you’re just getting started understanding AJAX and Dynamic Actions, I recommend you watch my “Getting Started with AJAX” video first.

This video is the next installment. Alexis Galdamez and I get into the weeds talking about apex.server.process We cover how you can evolve from declarative Dynamic Actions to programmatic JavaScript AJAX calls.

Using apex.server.process for AJAX in APEX

Here’s the basic template call we cover during the video:

We also cover the OCT Table Column Re-orderer and how to use to get to the JS API documentation from APEX.

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8 Comments on “Video: Using apex.server.process for AJAX calls in APEX

  1. Hi,
    In the apex.server.process().then().then() method to call synchronously, how do you handle error and always methods as in .success, .error, .always?


  2. Hi Jorge,
    I am using 19.1
    How do you pass CLOB values using apex.server.process?


  3. Jorge,

    You are really gonna save my life..
    I as so struggling to go with synchronized call on APEX by using java script and APEX.server.process. After watching your video, hopefully, i may buzz you for couple of questions.

    Thanks again.

    Harpreet Singh

  4. Hi,
    iam having to processes to run the second only after the first completes (synchronously) as below but it seems not working as expected. what could be the issue here.

    var lvJOB1 = function() {
    {dataType: “text”,
    success: function(lvURL){

    var lvJOB2 = function() { document.getElementById(“lineChart”).scrollIntoView({behavior: ‘smooth’}); } ;

    .then(function(data) {
    return lvJOB2();
    }, displayError) ;



    • The redirect tells me that the graph is on a different page. So… once the redirect finishes the second promise JOB2 can never run because you have moved on to a different page. Instead, you’ll want to redirect and perhaps on page load on the new page… or after the chart is ready (not sure about the even) then run the scrollIntoView

  5. hi Sir,
    I’m New in apex and i want to create dashboard in apex with using ajax.
    let me suggest something for creating Dashboard dynamically.

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