Warn Before Closing APEX Modal Dialogs

As you may already know, APEX 5.1 implements native Warn Before Exit functionality. Basically, if the user makes changes on a page and tries to navigate away before they save their changes, they get a warning. Modal Pages also get this feature, with one caveat; the close “X” on the window does not warn.
As I understand, this is was the intended behavior. However, for some use cases, I disagree. For this reason, and after a client’s request, I came up with this solution.
On the Modal Page attributes, we specify a “beforeClose” function. Like so:

Then, on the calling page (or globally) you want the following code:

Line 2 and 3 are the most important to this whole solution. Modal Dialogs run inside an iframe. As such, the calling page needs to take a peek inside the dialog and see if something was changed.
Line 2 gets a hold of the “apex” namespace for the dialog. Line 3 can then check is anything has changed within it.

Finally, line 10, prevents the close even from happening and maintains the dialog opened if they user opts to stay.

I should mention, I tried to use apex.message.confirm instead of the more rudimentary confirm, however because we’re already inside a modal, calling apex.message.confirm would invariably end up closing the modal I wanted to keep open. Perhaps, there’s a way to accomplish this, if you have any ideas, please share in the comments.

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14 comments on “Warn Before Closing APEX Modal Dialogs
  1. Md. Zahidul Islam says:

    Hey… Nice job.

  2. very nice write-up and tip!

  3. Ben says:

    Another great tip! Thanks

  4. AnnelizeF says:

    Great work, thank you!

    I tried this in 5.1.0 and I now get the message on close X, Cancel button and also when I SAVE the record, although the save happens successfully after I OK the message box.

  5. Waqar Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    Great Work, Thank you!

    • Annelize says:

      Hi Waqar, did you get this to work? I get a message for unsaved changes even when I click the SAVE button, although the SAVE button is set to ‘do not check’

  6. heifiheifi says:

    Be careful with the index if you use any RichText Box elements. Just increase the index accordingly, otherwise the modal does not close anymore.

  7. Pedro Fonseca says:

    Hello Jorge,
    Really nice job, once again.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Самуил Лабадев says:

    var secondComing = ‘NO’;

    function warnOnClose(event, ui){
    var apexiFrame = $(“iframe”).get(0).contentWindow.apex;
    var hasChange = apexiFrame.page.isChanged();

    if (hasChange) {
    // var lMessage = apex.lang.getMessage( “APEX.WARN_ON_UNSAVED_CHANGES” );
    var lMessage = “There are unsaved changes. Do you want to continue?”;
    var ok = confirm(lMessage);
    if ( !ok ) {
    if (secondComing !== ‘YES’) {
    apex.message.confirm(‘My Confirm Message’
    , function(result){
    secondComing = ‘YES’;
    secondComing = ‘NO’;
    } else {
    secondComing = ‘NO’;

    return hasChange;

  9. Vilas says:

    Thanks, it helped me a lot

  10. frut949499433 says:

    Does this still work in APEX 19.1? I am getting an error

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