Add a “Reset” button to your Interactive Reports

A client posed a reasonable question; could we just click on a button to reset an Interactive Report? Paraphrasing the conversation, the genesis of this request was that in order to reset a report we need to click Actions > Reset > Apply. That’s three clicks for what I would like to accomplish with one – said the client.

The APEX interactiveReport widget does contain a private _reset method, I was able to extend the widget with a public “reset” call this way:

if (typeof $.apex.interactiveReport === "function") {
    // only extend when the IR code is present
    $.apex.interactiveReport.prototype.reset = function() {this._reset();};

The code above is best if specified globally for the whole application (when Page Loads). The “IF” with typeof is to make sure the IR widget is present in the page, when your page does not contain an IR, the widget code will not be there and this call will fail.

Once this is in place, a button can reset the IR with a call like this:



Tested on APEX 5.1, 18.1 & 18.2 (will likely work the same on APEX 5.0)

More Details

There are several other methods to accomplish this. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you can use the RIR or CIR keywords on the Clear Cache field of the APEX URL


However, this method may require you also specify the Report in question (via the REQUEST ).

Also, you could use the API call APEX_IR.RESET_REPORT however it gets cumbersome to specify the currently selected report_id or report_alias. Plus it requires a page submission and that’s not always ideal.

The JavaScript reset() method taps into the standard reset of the IR, in my testing, it was the most flexible and fastest. Your mileage may vary.

DISCLAIMER: Because this method uses a private method call, it may change in future versions of APEX.

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  1. I need to automatically reset Interactive Report before new search is executed. Is it possible in Apex 5.04 version?
    eg:- Google Search (every new keyword search will auto reset filter of previous search)

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