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12c WITH inline PL/SQL, json_from_sql, Bind Variables and AJAX

I recently got to use a new cool feature in Oracle 12c R1, the WITH clause with inline PL/SQL (read more at oracle-base). Then Scott Wesley blogged about it and I made a comment on twitter. But don’t stop reading

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HSL color format rocks!

Do you struggle finding a suitable color for a hover state or a selected item? If yes, read on. Check out this simple example. You’ll see the color represented in the usual RGB hex values and in HSL. The HSL

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SharePoint to Oracle data conversion

The purpose of this post is to document the process I used to convert the data from a Microsoft SharePoint site to an Oracle database with an APEX¬†front end. ¬†However, there won’t be much about APEX in this post, sorry.

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A wireframe is worth a 1000 words

I better get this out of the way. I love Balsamiq Mockups! There, I said it. This post will probably sound like an advertisement, but it’s not. It’s unsolicited and I paid for my own version of Balsamiq. However, for

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KScope14 Presentation

Here’s my KScope14 presentation: Go-Go Gadget: Learn About Inspectors I recommend you use the space bar to navigate forward. You can also use arrows. If you’re interested here’s the companion demo app. App Download Live app on If you

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Easy prototyping when using APEX DA triggeringElement

The Background This blog post is drill down follow-up of a feature I talked about in my KScope14 presentation “Go-Go Gadget: Learn About Inspectors”. In that presentation I explained how using the $0 feature in most modern DevTools and Inspectors

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First orclapex-MSP Meetup

UPDATE Sept 5, 2014: Visit to find the most up to date list of meetup groups! If you’re interested in APEX and you live near Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota, we want to meet you! Click the RSVP button to attend our

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Adding a badge style count indicator

Recently, I had the requirement of showing how many pending whatchamacallits I had with a visual count indicator. I thought that a small bubble with the count would fit the bill. A quick search for “iphone badge css” yielded many

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Using Conditions with Column Templates

Report templates can be a powerful feature for altering the way a report looks. They fall under two main Template Types: Generic Columns and Named Columns. This blog post covers Generic Columns and the ability we have to specify a

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Enhancing the Menu Drawer – Using Preferences

In the previous post I explained my approach to a menu drawer for the desktop. Now lets talk about how to remember if the drawer was left open or closed by the user. One approach would be to use Cookies.

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